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canada Canada
  • - Free IPv6 network service for broker tunnel.
  • Viagenie - Expansion of IPv6 for science centers and universities.
cz Czech republic
  • TEN-155 CZ - Czech national research network IPv6.
eu European Union
  • 6INIT - The 5th European structure of expansion of  IPv6 project.
  • COAISThe 4th European structure of expansion of  IPv6 project.
  • GTPv6 -  GEANT testing program GTPv6 и TF-NGN.
  • NGNI - The Next Generation Networks Initiative.
fr France
  • 6WIND - Official sine of 6WIND.
  • CNRS/UREC - French IPv6 experiments.
  • G6 - French subsidiary of 6bone.
  • Renater 2 - French academic network.
  • @IRS - French national network research program. 
gr Germany
  • JOIN - DFN project of IPv6 promotion.
india India japan Japan
  • KAME -  BSD based IPv6.
  • NSPIXP-6 - IPv6 integration pint in Tokyo.
  • NTT -  Activity of NTT IPv6 project.
  • TAHI - Tests of interaction of IPv6.
  • WIDE - Japan Widely Integrated Distributed Environment, including IPv6.
korea Korea netherlands Netherlands
  • SURFnet - Research network that Исследовательская сеть, developed IPv6 debugging system.
norway Norway
  • UNINETT - National IPv6 infrastructure.
poland Poland
russia Russia slovakia Slovakia
spain Spain
  • RedIRIS - IPv6 tunnel between Spanish universities.
swiz Switzerland
  • SWITCH - IPv6 network  from 1996. 
USA USA UK Great Britan
Worldwide Worldwide

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