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     20 september 2006
Use of Sensor Networks by Local Governments
A workshop entitled "Deployment and Application of Sensor Networks", hosted by the Live E! Council, was held at the University of Tokyo on July 27th and 28th. In this workshop, a wide variety of reports were given, not only on the Live E! Project, but also on business and research activities dealing with sensor networks. This article will introduce examples of efforts by the local governments of Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, and Minato City, Tokyo.
You can find content of workshop here.
     25 august 2006
IPv6 Security Technology Paper
As IPv6 networks migrate from lab environments into dependable production systems, we are presented with both the challenge of adapting our Information Assurance (IA) architecture to a new protocol and the opportunity to leverage new features to enhance network security. NativeIPv6 networks will coexist with environments where IPv6 capabilities are introduced into production networks with existing IPv4-based infrastructures. While security of our current production networks must be evolved for IPv6, there are features in IPv6 and new trends in networking that should lead us to changing security paradigms. End-to-end security between hosts has had limited practicality in IPv4-based networks but is a key feature of IPv6. A return to the end-to-end network model should be architected into any dual stacked transition architecture with careful consideration for not compromising IPv4 security. This white paper will enumerate the security advantages which are relevant in today's IPv6 networks and will detail the deployment considerations to effectively design and architect secure IPv6 networks. 
You can get a PDF version of this document from here.
     22 august 2006
IPv6 Forum Roadmap Vision 2010
The IPv6 Forum Officers requested a meeting with the IPv6 Forum Regional Leaders (not Regional Sub Task Forces) and the IPv6 Forum CTO Executive Committee to meet in Las Vegas February 21-23, 2006 in Las Vegas, NV, USA. We had world wide participation and it was quite successful. What we did is identify the IPv6 Forum mission and focus out to 2010, and the attached report reflects the result and direction. This is a living document and will be updated every six months. 
You can get a PDF version of Roadmap programm from here.

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     28 july 2006

IPv6 Ready Logo Program moves on to new phase
The number of products approved for the Phase-2 IPv6 Ready Logo surpasses the 50 product mark!!!
That means that it took a year and two months to reach 50 approvals since the first product was approved for the Phase-2 IPv6 Ready Logo in April 2005. Although it took longer than Phase-1, which had approved more than 100 products within the first year, the number of approved products has been accelerating since the beginning of 2006. Also, when looking at the number of approved products by country, Japan still has a runaway lead, with the US coming in second.
More info...
     25 july 2006

The IPv6 Forum Israel Is Launched
The IPv6 Pioneers and Leaders take IPv6 where it has not gone before!
Tel Aviv/Luxembourg, July 25, 2006 - The IPv6 Forum and its 40 worldwide affiliates are embarking on a large-scale promotion plan around the world. Israel is the newest country to join this initiative with the creation of the IPv6 Forum Israel under the leadership of Mrs. Limor Schafman as its founding President.
Visit official site of IPv6forum Israel -
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     6 july 2006

The IPv6 Day: Bye 6Bone. Hi, IPv6 !
Today 6Bone Operators & Users say bye to the experimental network which allowed, already some years ago, to turn IPv6 into the production space.

With the occasion of this virtual celebration, we have a couple of quotes from two key people on this subject:
Bob Fink (6Bone Project): “After more than ten years of planning, development and experience with IPv6, with efforts from all around the world, it is gratifying for me to see the 6Bone phase-out on the 6th of June 2006, having served it's purpose to stimulate IPv6 deployment and experience, leaving IPv6 a healthy ongoing component of the future of the Internet!”
Brian Carpenter (IBM, co-author of multiple IPv6 RFCs and IETF chair): “It's very encouraging to see IPv6 moving forward both technically and commercially, with its address assignments now routinely managed by the same registries that look after the rapidly diminishing IPv4 address pool. I look forward to the day the Internet reaches ten billion active nodes with public addresses, which will only be possible with IPv6.”

Users can learn how to enable IPv6, enjoy free IPv6 production connectivity and use some demonstration services at the IPv6 Day web site (in several languages).

More info...

     19 may 2006

Microsoft holds press conference on Windows Vista
On the 21st of April, Microsoft Corporation held a press conference on the release of Windows Vista in Japan.  Mr. Bill Gates, Chairman of the Board and Chief Software Architect, also visited Japan for the occasion and gave a talk.
Although Microsoft did not mention much about the networking features in Vista during the press conference, it has been promoting the fact that Vista fully supports IPv6 to developers.  Mr. Takuya Oikawa, Group Manager at the Windows Platform Group in the Windows Development Management Department, said at the GLOBAL IP BUSINESS EXCHANGE 2006 that they “created Windows Vista’s TCP/IP protocol stack from scratch,” and promoted the fact that IPv6 and IPv4 can function at the same level to the attendees.

Some links:
About Microsoft Windows Vista
About IPv6 suppotr in Microsoft Windows

More info about conference...

     20 march 2006

IPv6 summit in Toyama report
3 march 2005 IPv6 summit in Toyama was held. You can find report here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

     20 september 2005
IPv6 Mapping Project Launched
Lumeta, the leading provider of network intelligence for enterprises and government agencies, today announced a partnership with the North American IPv6 Task Force (NAv6TF) designed to track on an on-going basis the adoption and growth of the new Internet based on IPv6.

Lumeta is the IPv6 Internet mapping provider to NAv6TF and will be publishing an IPv6 "report card" with statistics and maps detailing the state of IPv6 Internet deployment as it expands around the globe. 
More info...
     2 september 2005
OSDL CEO: Microsoft has to accept Linux
Linux is an enterprise player, and customer demand will force Microsoft to make its products interoperate with Linux, says Stuart Cohen, CEO of Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), an organization that fosters the development and adoption of Linux. More info...
     1 september 2005
Knowing Too Much
By now you know that when you surf the Net, you leave a trail of electronic breadcrumbs a mile wide. ... With the move to Internet Protocol, version 6 (IPv6), even more info about you can be collected. More info...
     31 august 2005
PDC 2005: What, Why, When and How
On September 11, thousands of developers will flood downtown Los Angeles for Microsoft's 2005 Professional Developers Conference. Expectations are high, as the event will offer the first real peek into the inner workings of Windows Vista, along with sessions covering everything from WinFX to Whidbey, to Office 12. More info...
     27 august 2005
TRAI releases consultation paper on IPv4 to IPv6 transition
n order to accelerate the broadband growth in the country, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Friday issued a consultation paper to deliberate on issues relating to transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

The regulator had solicited comments from all the stakeholders on recommendation in the paper by September 23 this year. 
More info...
     23 august 2005
Allied Telesyn Challenges for Larger Share of High-End Gigabit Layer 3 Switch Market
Allied Telesyn, a global provider of secure, end-to-end Ethernet/IP solutions for businesses of all sizes, has added the 9900 series of 10/100/1000T switches to its broad Layer 3 line-up. With an enhanced feature set and hardware redundancy, the 9900s will impress network administrators who seek an advanced -- and more affordable -- Layer 3 switch solution for network aggregation tier or server and IP storage farms. More info...
     22 august 2005
US government IPv6 testing must go on
Normally, August in the Washington, D.C., area is a time for many workers to take vacation and escape the near-tropical conditions. But the parking lot outside a Northern Virginia facility operated by the U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) was filled Wednesday morning. More info...
     14 august 2005
CommunicAsia 2005: Mobile Phones Offer Growing List of Functions
CommunicAsia 2005, held in Singapore in mid-June, attracted 2,238 exhibitors from 55 countries and welcomed a reported turn-out of more than 60,000 visitors. More info...
     12 august 2005
Ministries promoting next-generation Internet construction to serve Olympics
Eight ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Information Industry and the State Development and Reform Commission, issued a notice on August 8 to jointly push forward the construction of next-generation Internet in an effort to provide the most advanced and comfortable information service to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. More info...
     11 august 2005
The Evaporation of the FCC
Communication is a curious phenomenon, primarily because it is an abstract concept and is entirely limited by ones ingenuity and creativity. Over the millennia our predecessors have designed numerous methods, systems and contraptions to enable communication between peoples, businesses and civilizations. More info...
     11 august 2005
Ixia Advances Testing of Next Generation Broadband Networks
Ixia, a leading, global provider of IP network testing solutions, announced today that its IxAccess(TM) test application has extended its functionality to incorporate new technologies being deployed in next generation broadband access and VPN networks. More info...
     10 august 2005
IPv6: Time Is Still Not Right
It's been more than 10 years since the development of IPv6, yet it's had virtually zero adoption among U.S. enterprise customers and service providers, even though the U.S. Office of Management and Budget recently announced it intends to require support across government agencies for IPv6 by 2008.

Are network managers and service providers sticks-in-the-mud who refuse to get with next-generation technology? 
More info...
     10 august 2005
For Production Facilities, IPv6 is a Gradual Reality
Yokogawa Electric is known in two business fields: production control/management and testing/measurement. Another business field is the information solution, including IP networking products. It is well-known among IPv6 community in Japan that the company has been active in IPv6-related research since early days. More info...
     21 july 2005
Korea Moves into 'Ubiquitous' Mode
While the Thai government continues to push the country towards an information-based economy and society, over in South Korea they're already looking at the next stage, plotting plans for so-called ubiquitous communications, or "u-Korea," where people can communicate and access information anywhere and anytime.

Speaking at the recent SEK 2005, a major IT exhibition and seminar in Korea, the Minister of Information and Communications, Dr Daeje Chin, said the country would reach its u-Korea target as early as 2010. 
More info...
     18 july 2005
Bodies Team for IPv6 Work
The IPv6 Forum and The Open Group have announced a cooperative effort to generate consensus between governments and industry, and deploy a global industry-wide IPv6 product standard and formal certification program.

The program is designed to accelerate the adoption of IPv6, the "next-generation" Internet Protocol that offers new capabilities and addresses the fundamental limitations of the currently used IPv4. 
More info...
     12 july 2005
Pioneers of the IPv6-based New Internet Meet in September 2005 in Silicon Valley
The North American IPv6 Task Force and the IPv6 Forum today announced that the world class North American IPv6 Technology Conference 1 will be held September 19-22, 2005 at San Jose State University in San Jose, California, combined with an IPv6 solution demo area.

The North American IPv6 Technology Conference 1 will gather the founders and the most innovative and influential leaders from the global Internet community to discuss strategic and deployment issues related to the next generation Internet protocol, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). 
More info...
     29 june 2005
Congress To Study Slow Pace Of Migration To IPv6
Whither IPv6? Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), an Internet upgrade, promises a virtually limitless number Web addresses and tighter security. Other countries have embraced it. But why not the U.S? Congress aims to find out.

To get to the bottom of the matter, government and private sector specialists are testifying at Congressional hearings in Washington Wednesday.

The subject of the hearings says it all: "Is the Federal Government Doing Enough? Will Other Nations Surpass the U.S?" Congressman Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.), chairman of the Committee on Government Reform, is presiding. 
More info...
     28 june 2005
Get ready for IPv6: Five security issues to consider
Although IPv6 is a security-enabled protocol, migration from IPv4 can create new risks and weaken an organization's security strategy. Learn about the potential hazards and how to ensure a smooth transition without jeopardizing your company's security.
If you haven't thought about the impact of IPv6 on your network's security, it's time to start thinking! The replacement for the venerable IPv4 protocol is now in use on the Internet and might even exist on your network without your knowledge. Here's a look at some of the security implications of IPv6. 
More info...
     27 june 2005
New publication: IPv6 - Legal Aspects of the New Internet Protocol
The EC IST project Euro6IX has released a new publication. In this case it is targeted also to lawyers and not neccesarily just to a technical audience.
This book aims to contribute some basic knowledge about the technical specifications of IPv6 and to analyse, from a legal point of view, the problems and possible solutions that could exist regarding the right to privacy, data protection and intellectual property rights.
The publication can be downloaded in PDF format
More info...
     11 june 2005
BSC MareNostrum Supercomputer, First in the World with IPv6 Access, Inaugurated at Internet Global Congress
Barcelona Supercomputing Center MareNostrum Supercomputer access network has been enabled with IPv6. With the occasion of the Global IPv6 Summit in Barcelona, hosted by the Internet Global Congress (IGC), the access network used by the Scientifics from the entire world to access the latest of the supercomputers, "MareNostrum," from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), has been enabled with IPv6 connectivity.

Consulintel, as part of the activities of the Euro6IX EC IST co-funded project, has cooperated with BSC in order to design and setup this access. 
More info...
     10 june 2005
IPv6 expanding slowly, but the time for planning is now
The California IPv6 Task Force is making plans to roll out a pilot network using the new version of the Internet Protocols for state and local first responders within the coming year.
The program, to be called MetroNet6, is in the early stages of development. Jim Bound, chief technology officer for the North American IPv6 Task Force, said at the SuperComm trade show yesterday that the network probably would use 802.11 wireless networking to connect police, fire and emergency medical personnel at the local level. The MoonV6 test bed network could provide a nationwide command and control link. 
More info...
     3 june 2005
100Mbps DSL broadband services given green light
The International Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) has finalised the specification for DSL broadband services up to 100Mbps.
VDSL2 (very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line 2) uses existing copper wires, and is designed to complement the installation of fibre networks to provide support for high-bandwidth applications such as TV, video-on-demand and videoconferencing. Many operators see it as the ideal accompaniment to fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), where fibre optic lines are used to link offices or apartment blocks to the network backbone (PSTN) to provide sufficient bandwidth for all the users in each building. 
More info...
     28 may 2005
12 Million Domains Managed By UltraDNS Receive Added Reliability and Security With Connectivity to the NTT Communications IPv6 Global Backbone
Verio, a subsidiary of NTT Communications and a leader in managed hosting solutions, today announced IPv6 Gateway Services will be provided to Internet access customer UltraDNS, a leading provider of managed DNS services. The company currently manages more than 12 million domains, representing approximately a 20 percent share of the global domain market. The IPv6 services UltraDNS provides to its customer base expand beyond the United States, reaching to Hong Kong and London, making IPv6 an option for international customers. More info...
     28 may 2005
Earthlink release Linksys router firmware for IPv6
The research arm of the american ISP giant Earthlink, has released experimental firmware for the popular Linksys WRT54G routers (currently selling for ), modified by them to add IPv6 support. More info...
     26 may 2005
Federal Agencies Need to Plan for Transition
Key planning considerations for federal agencies include recognizing that an IPv6 transition is already under way because IPv6-capable software and equipment exist in agency networks. Other important agency planning considerations include: developing inventories and assessing risks; creating business cases that identify organizational needs and goals; establishing policies and enforcement mechanisms; determining costs; and identifying timelines and methods for transition. As we have previously reported, planning for system migration and security are often problematic in federal agencies.

However, proactive integration of IPv6 requirements into federal contracts may reduce the costs and complexity of transition by ensuring that federal applications can operate in an IPv6 environment without costly upgrades. 
More info...
     26 may 2005
Get ready for IPv6
With the proliferation of Internet-connected devices continuing, we're quickly running out of usable address space for all things networked. IPv6, a new addressing scheme that's been around for a while might finally be taking hold, providing much needed relief to an overburdened 'Net. Joining us to discuss IPv6, its benefits and challenges is Karl Siil, chief architect at Lumeta, a provider of network intelligence tools. More info...
     26 may 2005
Survey: Little U.S. interest in next-generation Internet
IT decision-makers in U.S. businesses and government agencies want better Internet security and easier network management, but few see the next-generation Internet Protocol called IPv6 as helping them achieve their goals, according to a survey released Tuesday by Juniper Networks Inc. More info...
     26 may 2005
Fujitsu Announces the Latest Version of 10Gbps Ethernet Switch Chip
Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) and Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. (FLA), innovators in advanced networking technology, today introduced the latest version of the single-chip 10Gbps Ethernet switch with advanced security, data-reliability and aggregation features, and leaner power requirements. More info...
     24 may 2005
Telecoms Equipment Firms Expedite Commercialization Of IPv6
Boosted by government support and early adoption by communication carriers, domestic equipment makers, large and small, and research organizations are accelerating development of equipment needed for deployment of the next-generation Internet address system, IPv6.

According to industry sources, communication equipment makers, including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Locus, iBIT, Mercury and AddPac Technology, and research organization such as the Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI) are developing small and medium-sized routers, home routers, trunk gateways, access gateways, VoIP, and wireless access points. These firms are expected to begin rolling out products next month. 
More info...
     24 may 2005
Eastern Europe plugs into the high-speed Internet via satellite broadband
Eastern Europe now has a wide choice of satellite Internet options, and at rates that will make users smile. Brian Lancaster, a commercial engineer with AlanDick, the broadcast and communications infrastructure specialist, explains why… More info...
     24 may 2005
Extreme Internet Makeover Draws 50 Military and Industrial Speakers to Washington DC Coalition Summit for IPv6 from May 23-26
The Internet as you know it is undergoing an extreme makeover, a hot issue compelling 50 military (including three 3-star generals), government and industry experts (the father of the Internet) from around the world to converge at the Coalition Summit for IPv6 on May 23-26, 2005, in the Washington DC area.
As the Internet becomes as accessible and mobile as a cell phone by 2008, the changes will have profound effects upon homeland security, give a much-needed boost to technological industry and create some 10 million new jobs in the U.S. alone. 
More info...
     21 may 2005
Interest in IPv6 found to be lagging
Although it has been in the work for a decade, the next-generation Internet protocol IPv6 has failed to excite the interest of key decision makers in the federal government and private sector, according to a survey by equipment vendor Juniper Networks.
Juniper's Federal IPv6 IQ Study found that less than 7% of respondents consider IPv6 "very important to achieving their IT goals," despite the fact that the protocol is designed to address, among other things, many of the quality of service, security, and network management issues that concern them. The Federal government is particularly indifferent to IPv6 and lags well-behind the private sector in migration planning and awareness. 
More info...
     21 may 2005
Research and Markets: International and Regional Network Services to Evolve in and Beyond 2005
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Global Network Outlook 2005: An Overview of Trends and Expectations to their offering. More info...
     19 may 2005
Ninth M'sia Plan To Be Golden Era Of ICT Sector
The 9th Malaysia Plan period (2006-2010) is going to be the golden era of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, said Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik.
Dr Lim said other bigger challenges taken was to make Malaysia an IPv6-enabled nation by 2010 and turn it into a global destination for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) professional training. 
More info...
     19 may 2005
Windows flaw fixed, but Cisco products affected
A Windows vulnerability outlined by a French security organization earlier this week has already been patched, Microsoft said in an advisory Wednesday. Meanwhile, Cisco reports that several of its products are affected by variations of the same flaw. More info...
     18  may 2005
Library of Congress Joins Internet2
Internet2, the foremost U.S. advanced networking consortium led by the research and higher education community, today announced that the Library of Congress has become a member of Internet2 and will connect to its high-performance Abilene Network. More info...
     17 may 2005
IPv6 addresses demand for space
IPv6 has been around since the early 1990s, but the lack of a killer application has slowed its acceptance in the commercial world. Recent events indicate IPv6 might take off soon. More info...
     9 april 2005
CA snaps up Concord
Computer Associates in a conference call Thursday announced it had agreed to acquire network performance management software maker Concord Communications for about US0 million in cash. More info...
     8 april 2005
Microsoft VP Describes IPv6 Product Roadmap
Jawad Khaki, corporate vice president of Windows Networking and Device Technologies at Microsoft talked about IPv6 product roadmap including some applications, at Global IPv6 Summit in China, held in Beijing. More info...
     7 april 2005
BII and Hexago Announce Collaboration to Accelerate IPv6 Deployment in China
Hexago, a leading IPv6 company and BII Holdings, a leader in advanced network technologies in China, jointly announced at the Global IPv6 Summit in Beijing, China, this week that the two companies have agreed to collaborate in delivering Hexago's IPv6 deployment technology to the Chinese network service provider market. More info...
     7 april 2005
6WIND Announces R&D Partnership with China Academy of Science
6WIND, a pioneer in advanced IP networking software technologies, announced today, the successful conclusion of a partnership agreement with China Academy of Science - Institute of Acoustics (CAS-IOA), one of China's foremost institute for leading research in such domains as high performance networking communications. More info...
     6 april 2005
China Invests RMB1.4 Billion For First Commercial IPv6 Network
By the end of 2005, China will have invested RMB1.4 billion to build a commercial IPv6 backbone network to connect all its major cities. The IPv6 network will be the largest in the world and will start full operation in 2006, with tests to begin next month. More info...
     5 april 2005
ECS improves broadcasting options for Virgin Radio
The School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton is the first university department to deploy IPv6 in production on its network. Now a team at the School has worked on the technology with Virgin Radio to vastly increase its listening capacity online.
David Jones, Head of IT at Virgin Radio, said: "We are delighted to be the first commercial radio station to adopt this next generation Internet protocol, and see it as being essential to the future of Internet Radio. IPv6 is core to the future provision of radio to 3G mobile devices, and will continue our strategy to expand on to all potential platforms."
More info...
     5 april 2005
Default implementations of IPv6 may present a security risk
While the IPv6 standard has yet to be widely deployed in the Federal space, there exist several potential security risks that must be properly recognized and managed. IPv6 presents unique challenges to network security monitoring and perimeter protections afforded by edge devices (i.e., router access-lists or firewalls) and many intrusion detection systems. More info...
     5 april 2005
Demonstrating secure wireless personal access networks
The growing power of the Internet has encouraged users to take advantage of more broadband facilities and greater mobility. Now researchers have linked and demonstrated these capabilities within Wireless Personal Area Networks, or WPANs.
The WPAN concept is designed to offer connection capabilities for all the various information devices that individuals may need or want to carry within their personal information space.
More info...
     5 april 2005
MCI Connects Global Supercomputer Leader Cray to IPv6
MCI, Inc. today announced that MCI is providing Cray, the global leader in supercomputing, with an IPv6 network for interoperability testing and product development of next-generation applications and software.
A long-time MCI customer, Cray provides innovative computing platforms that enable scientists and engineers in academia, government and industry to meet both existing and future computational challenges..
More info...
     18 march 2005
China To Invest 210B Yuan In Telecom Industry In 2005
China will invest 210 billion Yuan in its telecom industry this year, reports Sina.
Telecom operators will upgrade current networks to use soft switch technology and invest in metropolitan area networks (MAN). 
More info...
     18 march 2005
The rise of smart buildings
Standardisation has started from the bottom up. Proprietary cabling systems in networks that link sensors and other devices to controllers on individual floors have given way in recent years to two competing, open protocols, BACnet and LonTalk, while floor controllers are migrating onto IP backbones.
Barry Haaser, executive director of LonMark International, says LonTalk and BACnet will prevail at the device level for technical and cost reasons. 
More info...
     16 march 2005
Allied Technology Leaders From Governments and Companies Gather for IPv6 Summit
IPv6 Summit, Inc. announced today the major new conference on the New Internet, the Coalition Summit for IPv6, to be held May 23-26 at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA. This premier event for government and industry decision makers to unveil new programs and products will this year feature not only US initiatives, but will focus on major projects, best practices and plans from major global partners. More info...

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