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International project
 «Technologies of information society»

In 2004 Yaroslavl State University of name P.G. Demidov  became a member of international project of IST - “IPv6 TF-SC”. The main objection of this project is to provide introduction IPv6 in Europe by 2005. The basic directions of the project:

  1. Development of the plan of expansion IPv6 in Europe.
  2. Creation and coordination of activity of the European National Task Forces - NTF, including Russian National Task Force.
  3. Gathering, the analysis and the publication of the statistical data on process of introduction IPv6 in Europe and the world.
  4. Development and realization of methods of introduction IPv6 in various areas of economy.
  5. Creation and development of European IPv6 web portal for distribution and information interchange.

The reason for creating National Task Forces is basically insufficient interest of the governmental and economic circles in IPv6 promotion. In this connection project suggested NTF to direct their activity on:

  • Create IPv6 promotion project inside their countries. They will be responsible for communicating with government and social organizations, manufactures and press.
  • NTF is responsible for carrying out of the positions accepted by the project in own country. It's meetings NTF with industrial and government organizations, security services and so on...  
  • NTF's activity must be aimed at introduction IPv6 into national industrial sectors and national software products.

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