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 4-6 April, 2005

Global IPv6 summit. China.

4-th international IPv6 conference has been lead in Pekin, China on April, 4-6th 2005 with support International Convention Center. The meeting has passed on the basis of existing IPv6 Forum and was supervised CNGI Expert Committee. Learn more...


15-18 November, 2004

Global IPv6 summit. Russia, Moscow

3-rd International IPv6 conference took place on November, 15-18th 2004 in Moscow, Russia. Organizer of the summit was Russian IPv6  Forum cooperate with the Russian Fund of Basic researches, FCP "Integration".

6-10 October, 2003

Global IPv6 summit. Russia.

The second International IPv6 conference took place on October, 6-10th 2003 in Russia on the basis of the Yaroslavl state university of name P.G.Demidov. The organizer of the summit was Russian IPv6 Forum cooperate with the Russian Fund of Basic researches, FCP "Integration".

18-22 December, 2000
IPv6 seminar in Japan, Osaka.

Conference has presented current condition IPv6, discussions to themes " How will IPv6 change business? " And "Research of IPv6 transition questions". Gathering the Internet the public, is supposed to discuss questions of development IPv6 of business together with engineering researches. For this reason conference has invited to participation without any restrictions of people of business, researchers, engineers, network managers.

6-8 November, 2000
IST 2000

IST conferences are spent by Annually information society of the European Commission for promotion of results of the Program of Technologies of the Information Society (IST) and presentations of the basic directions of activity of the European Union in the field of information and communication technologies. With an opening address to participants of conference, at session " IPv6: a favorable opportunity for the Europe " chairman IPv6 of the Forum the Screw Surf has addressed, members of the Forum have acted with presentation of the new Internet protocol.
Basis information in .PDF

19-20 October, 2000
IPv6'2000 - an IPv6 seminar in Washington, USA.
  • IP defines Internet, and version 6 defines it's development.
  • IPv6 develops a platform for stimulation of new favorable offers in the field of the Internet. It will be promoted by expansion of address space, support of mobile users, high reliability, a wide range of service.
  • Gradual transition to the new protocol will lower expenses, networks finally become cheaper. Conference IPv6 2000 is devoted to discussion of these questions.

11-12 September, 2000
IPv6 conference in Scandinavia.

IPv6 Forum has held following meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, on September, 11-12th, 2000. Discussions and performances have captured questions of standards, house and mobile IPv6 networks, and also problems of IPv6 integration.

21-23 June, 2000
New generation Internet. Millennium Britannia Hotel, London.

Conference hosted by IBC company with partnership with IPv6 Forum and included a number of work seminars. The seminars spent by "Viagenie", and two days of the presentations presented by lecturers from all world. Considered questions of the conference:
  • IPv4 current statistics;
  • Necessity of IPv6;
  • Commercial points of IPv6;
  • Technical questions.
26 May, 2000
Manufacturers of mobile phones pass on IPv6.

Nokia has made a step to simplification and increase of reliability of delivery of a content on mobile phones 3G, having declared about translation of the equipment of a transport network into the IPv6.
Learn more...

10 May, 2000
IPv6 Conference in GB, Birmingham.

10 May 2000 in Birmingham (Great Britain) within the XVII World Telecommunication Congress, hosted by British Telecom (BT), first conference of the British IPv6 Forum took place.
Program VII worldwide telecommunication congress

29 February-2 March, 2000
IAB's seminar about wireless networks.
IABInternet Architecture Board (IAB) hosted a seminar on topic of  wireless network transferring in California, USA.
Seminar presentations

29-30 November, 1999
Seminar  of UMTS forum in Singapore.

29-30 November 1999 Seminar  of UMTS forum was held in Singapore. It was devoted to questions of multimedia, information and communication technologies.

15 November, 1999

RIPE NCC informs:
15 November 1999 RIPE NCC Has allocated  IPv6 address space to Russian Internet provider - Research Academic network FREEnet. It is the first in Russia sub-TLA.

2 August 1999
Russian National IPv6 Forum is a global Russian IPv6 portal about events, changes and promotion in IPv6 world.  It 's main goal is to notify about fresh network decisions and tell us about newest events in networking.

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