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IPv6 Forum

Welcome to Russian National IPv6 Forum - a portal of high technologies and future internet standards that soon will be part of our life!

Protocols are needed for transferring data throw the network. One of the most important network protocols is IP (Internet Protocol). Currently, 4th version (IPv4) is used almost everywhere, but for a long time it is obsolete. Its alternative is 6th version of internet protocol (IPv6).

At present IPv6 is not distributed in the world as it could be and it's not the world wide network standard. But it is obvious, that transition to it happen in the near future.

Russian National IPv6 forum is a Russian representation of 
Worldwide IPv6 Forum. It was founded in 1999  by Yaroslavl State University of name P.G. Demidov. With the common tasks of worldwide IPv6 forum Russian IPv6 forum  is made to create Russian community of users and  suppliers of IPv6 services.

Russian IPv6 forum represents Noncommercial association of IT-companies, academicals and research establishments. But it doesn't mean that other organizations can't enter our lines. We invite all interested organizations, companies and single keen persons to cooperation. You can put announcements of your IPv6 services or products on our server. Here you also can show your products or see other product realizations and take part in discussion of IPv6 problems.

Forum's main goal is granting full range of information services about IPv6 and involving new organizations and companies to solve IPv6 problems in Russia and worldwide.

Here you can find all about approaching internet revolution and get answers on questions such as "How?", "Why?" and "What for?" or ask your own. We also have many fresh IPv6 news.
To make your first steps in networking read introduction. You also can read about IPv4 architecture and it's weak to find out aims of IPv6 transition.

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