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Many others heard about migrate from IPv4 to IPv6 and ask: "Where is the 5th version of this protocol?"
Between birthdays of IPv4 and IPv6 is big distension (about 20 years). This time progress moves up. In the end of 70th years Internet community had made an attempt to create network protocol for voice announcements and video streams. So that ST - Internet Stream protocol (RFC-1819) was created. Later it was upgraded to ST2 - it could sets up a connection and supports QoS but was not included in TCP/IP. But ST and ST2 protocols get version number 5, however it was not called IPv5. So that IPng get its number 6... but at first by mistake it almost get number 7 but reread RFC set everything on its place!

IPv9 is a joke protocol... 1 April 1994 RFC-1606 was issued. It was usual April joke of IETF.
Serious IPv9 was issued in 2004 when in China begins research of protocol with same name. There was talk about 10 character addresses and 256 bit ip space. But then appeared that Chinese planed it as superstructure for DNS that will convert 10 characters phone number in browser's address in domain name and show IPv4 or IPv6 address of server. Soon these ideas have been forgotten.

IPv8 and IPv12 were created by Jim Fleming. But its where not serious and Internet community don't care about them.
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