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IPv6 migration benefits
/ History / Prospects of a transition on IPv6 / IPv6 migration benefits

What are the main reasons of migrating to IPv6 protocol? It's not so bad that currently we are on 4th version. It provides enough services for working, trading, studying and living in Internet. So what's wrong?
The main ideas of next generation internet are new ip features that will make Internet more comfortable place for living.
Hundreds of skeptics said that almost all IPv6 innovations will only create new problems and complicate networking. Well, it will really happen without any knowledge of IPv6 specifications and competent building of IPv6 networks.
IPv6 address contains 32 characters vs. 12 in IPv4. This will grant no ip address translation and dynamic changes. We will even don't need NAT!
What about authenticity of ip package? Here we have an IPsec - it is that basis which provides security of virtual private networks, security communication of mobile systems with corporate networks and security private data streams.
IPv6 contains 2 new security protocols:
  • Authentication Header protocol, AH
  • Encapsulating Security Payload, ESP
  • These protocols are supporting by IPv6 on network level. They will include their parts in IPv6 package and provide integrity and its encryption (ESP). So that is IPsec.
    Now about communicating with IPv4 hosts. We can't migrate to IPv6 instantly. Migration will take some time before IPv6 becomes main internet protocol. So IPv6 hosts must well communicate with IPv4 hosts. Host must have 2 ip addresses: IPv6 and IPv4, and IPv4 address in this case must be unique. Also correct service structure is necessary. Network services, such as APR or DNS and network routers must support both protocols. It's not a problem for modern hosts and routers.
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    So that we can say that after migration to IPv6 protocol IPv4 fans will still remain. But soon IPv6 will be main protocol and upgrade Internet. Many software means and patches will be creating for its supporting, like it happens for IPv4 currently. Note that IPv6 oriented on high speed networks so many small networks will remain on IPv4 until their disappearing. But future will bring us next generation networks shat will need next generation internet protocol!
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