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    European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
Sofia-Antirolis, 24 november 1999
ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute. It signs a consideration with IPv6 forum about cooperation in promotion and integration IPv6 worldwide. ETSI - noncommercial organization which aim is developing telecommunication standarts for use in europe and outside. It includes about 700 members from different countries among them web administrators, web operators, enterprises, technical organisations, service providers and clients.

    UMTS Forum
Telecom 99, 10-17 october 1999, Geneva
3ed paty mobile communications group signs a consideration with IPv6 forum about cooperation in  IPv6 sphere. 
UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. It's included in "IMT-2000". UTMS takes main part in marketing of high quality whirless multimedia communications and plans 2 billion clients by 2010.  
UMTS Forum was founded in 1996 as noncommercial international organisation. It currently includes 192 organisations.

    3GPP project
18 january 2000 in Sofia-Antripoles, France, Ceremony of signing of the cooperation agreement between IPv6 forum and The Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has taken place. This partnership will promote acceleration of integration of the Internet in 3GPP.
3GPP was founded in december 1998 for global standartisation of producing technical specifications for 3rd party mobile systems based on GSM networks and radio interface (UTRA).  3GPP membership includes:
Organisation partners:
  • Association of radio industry and Buisness (ARIB), Japan. []
  • China whirless communications (CWTS). []
  • European Telecomunication Standarts Institute (ETSI). []
  • T1 commitete, USA. []
  • Telecommunication technology association (TTA), Korea. []
  • Telecommunication technology commitete (TTC), Japan. []
    Market partners
  • GSM association. []
  • Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA). []
  • UMTS forum. []
  • Universal Wireless Communications Consortium (UWCC). []
  • IPv6 forum. []

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