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IPv6 Forum's objectives
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The world community of leading suppliers of the network equipment and academic and research networks is worldwide IPv6 Forum. Forum's main objective is to  provide promotion of IPv6 protocol by creating and informing market, bringing IPv6 to the end users and finally creating safe and high quality internet of new generation. IPv6 forum provides an access to global network's knowledge base to all interested. To reach it's aims IPv6 Forum will:

•  Create open international forum for IPv6 experts.
•  Make a knowledge and experience exchange beside forum members.
•  Promote newest applications and  IPv6 decisions.
•  Assist to creating interoperable realization of IPv6 standards.
•  Solve the problems that constrain IPv6 promotion.
•  Assist global and high quality service development.

IPv6 Forum isn't planning to create any protocol standards. It's Internet Engineering Task Force's duty. However significant part of IETF is IPv6 Forum's members.
Ipv6 forum is glad to invite organizations, commercial and academic networks, commercial companies, suppliers of the software and network equipment, and internet providers to take part in forum's activity.

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