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Ways of interaction of IPv4 and IPv6
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It is expected, that transition to IPv6 will not be instant. Thus, in the near future the part of networks will work on the old version of the IP protocol, and the part will pass on new version. Probably, some separate segments of networks for a long time will work on IPv4 - it is impossible to foresee terms of transition. Owing to inevitability of such situation, there are some ways of interaction of these two protocols. Here the basics from them:
  • Tunneling - Encapsulation process of an IPv6-package in the part of an IPv4-package body in which transfer of useful data is made. Depending on the one who encapsulate and decapsulate packages, it is possible to allocate three kinds of tunneling: "Router-Router", "Host-Router" and "Host-Host". Advantage of this method is simplicity of realization of an effective infrastructure for testing in any private network, and the basic lack is sharply increasing loading of a network owing to necessity of transfer of additional headings;
  • Protocol translation - Process which is carried out in the 3 basic types of mechanisms: Transformation of headers from one version of the protocol in another by the protocol gateway device, using of a transport retransmitter and transformation of reports at an applied level through the proxy-server;
  • Dual protocol stack - Process when depending on the version of the protocol stack of report IPv4, or IPv6 is applied on everyone IP node.
While it is difficult to define, which way of transition will be the most widespread.
" I can imagine a case when in one organization three these are used all of the mechanism "- Jim Baund, the participant of group IPng (IETF) and the leading technical employee of problem group of designing of UNIX-appendices in the environment the Internet in firm Compaq has put forward as the hypothesis. So that, we can to solve the problem of a choice of the method of migration in each concrete case only by preliminary consideration of all possible variants and studying of problems arising at it which will demand the decision.
Matherial based on article "IPv6 technologies - New Generation Internet in the world and in Russia" by I.V. Alekseev, M.N. Zaharova, A.I. Rusakov. Yaroslavl state university of the name of P.G. Demidov.
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