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Address Autoconfiguration
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It is known, that IPv6 nodes are capable to configure IP address for themselves automatically. It can be done in two basic ways:
  • Using DHCPv6 (With fixation of condition).
  • Without it (Without fixation of condition).
In the first case for address configuring DHCP service adapted for IPv6 is used. This process has a very few differs from similar with IPv4. Report DHCPv6 (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 6) has been developed specially for IPv6 (source project, official site).
In the second case configuring passes without any foreign means under the following scheme:
  • Automatically appropriates IPv6 the address (Stateless Address Autoconfiguration)
  • - Constructing the prospective address, local for the channel (link-local address)
    - Convince in uniqueness of this address (in scales of a liaison channel)
    - Appropriate the address to the interface
  • Finding Router
    - Request a router about the prefixes, acting the given liaison channel
    - Configure the global address on the interface
  • Setup routers

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